UTD Test

1st VST Tracking Test


December 09, 2012 - Eugene, OR

This was our start heading towards the far building on veg alongside of trees and shrubs. Turbo had a strong start and was really excited to start in this type of veg.

VST Start

This was the 1st Turn - Right. When we got this this section the track could have gone either way. Turbo worked this corner then committed to the right. The track actually goes into the grass area where the tall tree is.

When we got to the end of the hard surface Turbo was excited to find the track continued through this area. Leaves, trees, grass... what fun!

VST Turn 1 VST 2nd Leg

As we worked our way through the veg we came to the hard surfrace. This was a direct transition straight through and up a small concrete retaining edge and onto more veg where there was a Left turn.

A short leg on veg and down off the other side where we spent some time deciding where the track really went. At the end of this leg we could go either way and were surrounded by concrete retaining walls.


The track took a right down a flight of stairs to a landing and then left down the remainder flight of stairs. This was a very interesting area. Turbo worked for some time down this area into the shrubs on the other side of the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs the track could have gone right down a nice long walkway or left towards another building, underground parking (shipping & receiveing), garbage containers .... you guessed it ... towards the garbage!

Second picture is the right turn -- the track did not go this way

VST Stairs VST

Yes the track went down yet another set of stairs and under the building to the far left is where the campus stores their garbage! The track makes a right hand turn down a long hard surface between 2 buildings to the first article. Sounds easy ???

At the end of the concrete retaining wall on the right hand side is an air ventilation system running and blowing the scent all over this area.

3/4 of the way down Turbo found his first article!


A short distance after the first article there was a direct transistion to veg up a slight slope. At the top of the slope the track turned right.


At the end of the veg the track made a direct transition and turned left. This was another long leg on hard surface.


The leg continued down a ramp opening up into a parking lot straight ahead and a field off to the right. Turbo had been working really hard to get to this point and for some reason he went under the rail on the left, into the bush and came out with an apple! Ahhhh! I took the apple away, tried to get my line untangled, the apple fell out of my pocket and rolled down the slope! Turbo thought it was the best game ever! The judge went and picked up the apple, but Turbo was determined to "find it". After some time we managed to get back to work.

The track went towards the fields and through the bark mulch shown below. I couldn't have planned a better reward than the 2nd article just after the bark mulch! By this time Turbo had been working for an hour. His drive, stamana and willingness to continue to work was all I could ask for.


This was the second to last leg on the top of a long hill down towards a sports field. Turbo was tired but he continued to work. Committed down this leg and then ....


The final leg turn left down the hill and towards the light post. Turbo went down the hill, my line tightened and pulled him off. He never committed to that area again, instead he went to the right across the gravel down the other hill and yes... the whistle!


In summary it was truly the best experience. We learnt a lot. I now know that my dog has tremendous stamina and the willingness to work. I look forward to the next time.