UTD Test



The best game of hide and seek.

Tracking is an outdoor sport where dog and owner can both enjoy the dog’s natural love for following a scent. For my dog, this is the best game ever! Its like a game of hide and seek solving scent challenges along the way.

There are several ways to introduce your dog to tracking. I prefer to start my dogs in a parking lot and introduce them to various types of surfaces one step at a time.


What is my dog tracking?


The Scent and Ground Disturbance

As you walk, the scent particles drop off of you and onto the ground. These scent particles are unique to each individual. By stomping the grass at the beginning and stepping on the article after you drop it deposits a greater distribution/pool of scent.

Search:           For the target odour, scent or starting point
Follow Who:    Human component for discrimination
Follow Where: Where = Ground component for stability
Report:            Location of person/article


Stay on Track


Train Hard, Track Easy

Like any other dog sport in order to make progress you need to put the time in and train. You need to have a plan. Know where you are and what areas need more focus. Is it your starts? Corners? Articles? Fringing? Lying? Having a hard time reading your dog? Missing the signs? Line handling? Whatever it is, have a plan and focus on one or two components. Train smarter, break it down.