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Obedience with Maureen Murray

Competion Obedience Instructor with TNT Kennels

I have had dogs in my life since childhood; my husband not only got a wife, he got a dog too.

I have participated in obedience since 1995; when upon becoming “empty nesters” my husband and I were looking for new hobbies. It quickly became a passion as I took our first Cavalier through the levels and attained an OTCH, the highest title available at that time. I enjoy competing with a non-traditional breed and showing that all dogs taught in the correct manner love doing their “work”.

Bentley having attained a MOTCH, is supposed to be retired at 12 but he still wants to work with Mom every day. His son, Chipper, started his competitive career in May and since then has gone 13 for 13 to attain his Canadian/American CD and has 13 legs in Canadian CDX. He is currently the #1 Toy Dog in Canada in Obedience.

Participation in obedience has led to other areas; I am an evaluator for St. John Therapy Dogs as well as for the CKC Canine Good Neighbour Program.

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My Turbo-Dog Experience


Pre-CD, CD with 4 High in Class

If you think Obedience is boring you have not been introduced to positive, fun, rewarding training. Obedience is a must for all dogs and provides a well balanced dog in your home.

Dogs need to have mental stimulation to be satisfied and happy, but this is NOT the same as physical stimulation. Lets say you take your dog out for a jog every day (5K, 10K). You have done an excellent job at meeting his/her physical needs. Simply put...your dog is in great shape but is not mentally challenged. Now you have an extremely fit dog who is BORED! Your dog now will look for things to meet his/her mental needs and have the physical stamina to do so...he/she has the physical stamina to chew 20 shoes instead of one!

I am happy to have found trainers who provide me with what I need to to keep my dogs mentally challenged while still having fun! Obedience, Conformation, Tracking, Agililty!

Turbo High in Class

Qualifying Scores for Novice A
192.5/200 -- High in Class
188/200 -- High in Class
187/200 -- High in Class
178.5/200 -- High in Class